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WillowBend Farms Newsletter

WillowBend Farms was birthed out of Compassion and a Calling that None of Us Could Say “NO” to any longer! We each have a Journey of How we Arrived Here, but Collectively We are Shouting that We are For the Restoration of the Women of The Willow and the Millions around the Globe Who Need Others to Stand Up and No Longer be Silent or Turn a Blind Eye to the Most Rapid Growing Crime in Our Nation and in the World. We, as Family Board Members are Embracing a Commitment and Challenge to Change the Very thing that Scares us for the Coming Generations. Together, we are Partnering with other Like Minded Organizations to Facilitate Real Root Cause Restoration and to Set a Standard of Care Never before Realized. We are Committed to the Endeavor of A New Way- God’s Way – for Healing Through Hope, Joy, Love & Restoration of His Daughters. Will You Join Us in this Cause?”

Sarah McKinnis
Co-Founder, President ~ WillowBend Farms, Inc.
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