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Restoration of Survivors

     Off the Farm Independent Living- Supporting survivors where they are and as they are. This is for those who are at a safe place in living as well as a safe place in healing. We surround those who participate in this program with support, community and opportunity for continued restoration and healing utilizing biblical principles to address emotional, mental, physical, financial and spiritual well being.
     On the Farm Residential Program- This is a two year, rent free commitment to healing, safety and restoration with the end goal of transitioning into independent living with a continued community support system. Focusing on Trauma informed, strength based and biblically sound support, individual plans are utilized for each participant to affect change in every area of life, just as the off the Farm program provides.

Prevention, Education and Awareness

     Awareness includes both trainings to businesses, organizations, churches and individuals, as well as education on prevention tactics to parents and children. Some of this is specialized trainings to specific audiences such as healthcare, educators, law enforcement, church groups, hospitality industry, travel and transportation groups and many others.
     We also work to empower community models of support that assist cities and counties to come together utilizing a task force, coalition or working group that answers the questions in the community, what do we do.  These models are very successful in furthering awareness, increasing collaboration across different city, county, state and federal agencies to address the concerns and safety of their community in regards to Human Trafficking.

Network of emergent care safe houses

     This initiative is resource based and is focused on collaboration between different entities for those victims and survivors who need safety in transition to either relocation or acceptance into a program. We identify and support more emergent housing and seek ways for the furtherance of this initiative in conjunction with other non profit groups who wish to work together. The need for more is very real.

Rescue opportunities for those wanting a safe way out

     This initiative is where we have the opportunity at point of contact to offer services and support for those identified through our partnering agencies or whom are identified through various community avenues including the national hotline, the TN hotline, law enforcement, education and health care systems or various other routes of communication. We have rescue teams who are trained, vetted and are adept at working with the different agencies to get someone to safety if they choose to accept services.

Demand Reduction

     If you want to effect change, you must hit the circle of supply and demand. The demand reduction initiative is a rehabilitation school for those who buy, sell or traffick others. Concentrated on those who are arrested, this court mandated school is a program that is established for the sole purpose of true heart change and not to complete a checklist of requirements. It is a 6-8 week program, with accountability, homework and strong stewardship


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